In English: How it works

Starts 8 May 2020 and runs until September 30

Hittaut is a fun way to experience and discover your surroundings! In some of Hedemora's urban and forest areas, we have placed a lot of checkpoints for you to find. The idea is to find checkpoints by using the map and/or GPS. You can either use the online map on your mobile phone, or you can use the physical map that you get for free.

We want more people to accept the challenge to move about and discover our breathtaking nature.

Please note that apart from this page, everything, including the physical map, is in Swedish.

Any questions? Please contact us


On the map, the numbered circles indicate checkpoint locations. In the terrain, checkpoints are marked with an aluminium post, each about 1 metre high. Each post has a hittaut-decal, a checkpoint number and a letter code. Write down the letter code on each checkpoint you visit and register them online (see "Register checkpoints and win prizes" below).

There will be a total of 170 numbered checkpoints with colour codes explaining the navigational difficulty.

Green = easy. Accessible by wheels (bike, stroller, wheelchair)

 Blue = easy to medium. Checkpoint might be located a bit further from the path.

 Red = medium. Checkpoint is located further out in the terrain.

Black = hard. Checkpoint is located in the terrain. Challenging navigation.




If you live in Hedemora's municipality you can collect one for free at:

  • Södra Dalarnas Sparbank, Hökartorget 5, Hedemora
  • ICA Mathyttan, Hyttgatan 5, Långshyttan
  • Vasahallen, Vasaplan 7, Hedemora
  • Sportringen, Åsgatan, Hedemora

If you prefer using your mobile phone; download the "hittaut" app from Google play or App store


To register checkpoints you need to create an account here on the hittaut-page. Go to "Skaffa ett hittautkonto" (this page is only in Swedish). Once you have created an account, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

When you have logged in, you can register checkpoints and see your and others' statistics. To register checkpoints, go to the online map (you will find it on "Min sida" and on the "Registrera checkpoints"-page) and then click on a checkpoint to insert the letter code.

By registering checkpoints, you can win prizes: each checkpoint equals one lottery ticket.

It is valuable to us that you register checkpoints, as both our sponsors and we wish to know how many you are participating in the project.


Here is a legend showing the most common colours and symbols of the map. The "control" symbol is the same as "checkpoint". There is one important colour missing in the legend: olive green, which denotes private gardens!



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