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Starts on May 13 and run to the October 9, 2022

HIttaut is a wellness project with the map and modern technology in focus. It’s a simple and fun way to exercise at the same time as you discover new and beautiful places around our beautiful city. The detailed map is distributed free andou can also get it for free at one of our distribution points

160 checkpoints are marked on this map that we have placed all around Hudiksvall. These are divided within four different degrees of difficulties – green, blue, red and black. Each checkpoint is marked in the nature with a post and a letter code. Your task is to find them. You can do this by walking, jogging, running or biking. The green ones are also possible to reach by wheelchair.

If you need help in your hunt for checkpoints it is also possible to use the GPS, you can get coordinates at our website, or to use your smartphone and our application Hittaut (free for download at Appstore, Google play).

When you have found your first checkpoint, you have to note the letter code. You can then register this code at our website or in our app, and you have the chance of winning prizes. We draw prizes four times during the season, the more checkpoints you have registered the greater your chance of winning. Each checkpoint corresponds namely to one lottery ticket.


The map can be picked up for free at following places:

  • Ica, Sörforsa
  • Näsvikens Livs, Näsviken
  • Ankarmons Camping, Iggesund
  • Percykel, Hudiksvall
  • Hälsokraft Fyren, Hudiksvall
  • Turistbyrån, Hudiksvall
  • Biblioteket Hudiksvall
  • Hudiksvalls kommuns reception
  • Ica Delsbo
  • Dellenbanans vänner, Delsbo
  • Ica Friggesund
  • Galleria Fyren, entrén, Hudiksvall
  • Hemköp, Delsbo

On the map there are 160 numbered checkpoints with color-codes explaining the difficulty.

  • Green = easy (accessible with bike, pram or wheelchair)

  • Yellow = medium

  • Red = medium to difficult

  • Black = difficult

Some of the checkpoints will only be available later on in the project, called "Hittaut-träning = checkpoint release", see below for dates and which checkpoints. 

How long is the hittaut season?

You can register checkpoints all the way until October the 9th, 2022.


When you have found your first checkpoint, or even before you start, you can register here on Every checkpoint you register (with the letter-code) on the homepage, becomes a lottery ticket and you can win prizes. It's valuable for the project that you register, since both we and our sponsors whant to know how many checkpoint finders we'll be.

The hitta ut "pole"

At every checkpoint there is a one meter high "hittaut"-pole.

On the pole there are Hittaut-decals, the checkpoint-number and the code. Note the code (1 letters) and register it on the homepage.

Hittutstolpe Hudiksvall

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