In English - how it works

Starts on April 9th and run to the 25th of October.

We have placed a lot of checkpoints all around Jönköping. The idea is to find the checkpoints with the help of the map and/or GPS. You can use your mobile and the webmap or the physical map that you get for free. 


On the map there are will be in total 213 numbered checkpoints with color-codes explaining the difficulty.

  • Green = easy (accessible with bike, pram or wheelchair)

  • Yellow = medium

  • Red = medium to difficult

  • Black = difficult

Some of the checkpoints will only be available later on in the project. These are called "checkpointssläpp = checkpoint release", and below you can see the dates and which checkpoints. 

Checkpoints releases - "Checkpointdagar"

Cyber(com) release: April 9th in cyberspace

Saturday June 6th at 10-13: Vattenledningsparken, Jönköping

Saturday July 4th at 10-13: Flygfältet (Västersjöns badplats)
Saturday August 8th at 10-13: Lekeryd (Uddebosjöns badplats)
Sunday September 5th at 10-13: Tahe (Bergets Dag)

Saturday October 3rd at 10-13: Öxnegården, Huskvarna 

You can download maps from the checkpoint releases here. 


You find the map here:

  • IKHP-stugan*
  • Jönköpings stadsbibliotek
  • Övriga bibliotek*: Bankeryd, Gränna, Huskvarna, Norrahammar, Råslätt, Taberg, Tenhult, Österängen och Öxnehaga
  • Rosenlundsbadet*
  • Friskis och Svettis*: City, Huskvarna och Torsvik
  • Coop Konsum Tabergsdalen*: Hovslätt, Norrahammar och Taberg
  • Öxnegården
  • Huskvarna Trafikskola
  • Sörgården
  • Önska Rosengallerian i Huskvarna
  • Husqvarna fabriksmuseum
  • Gränna turistbyrå
  • Gränna camping
  • Högskolebiblioteket Jönköping University

* Places that will have the first big map and the map for the checkpoint releases


When you have found your first checkpoint, or even before you start, you can register here on Every checkpoint you register (with the right letter-code) on the homepage, becomes a lottery ticket and you can win prizes. It's valuable for the project that you register, since both we and our sponsors want to know how many checkpoint finders we'll be.

The hitta ut "pole"

At every checkpoint there is a one meter high "hittaut"-pole.

On the pole there are Hittaut-decals, the checkpoint-number and the code. Note the code (two letters) and register it on the homepage. There are also reflexes on the pole, so you will be able to find your checkpoint even in he dark.


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