In English - how it works

Hittaut starts on April 1st and run to the October 31st

We have, to start with, placed 122 checkpoints all around Karlskrona. The idea is to find the checkpoints with the help of the map and/or GPS. You can use your mobile and and the web-map or the physical map that you get for free. 

We want more people to accept the challenge to move about and discover our breathtaking nature and archipelago. 

Any questions? Please contact us at

The map and checkpoints

On the map there will be in total 115 numbered checkpoints with color-codes explaining the difficulty.

Green = easy

Blue = medium

Red = medium to difficult

Black = difficult

Wheel: accessible by wheelchair, bike, pram etc.

Extra checkpoints will be available later on in the project, called "checkpointssläpp = checkpoint release". The extra checkpoints will be released in the beginning of each month.

Here you can get the map

You can find a web map here on the website or you get a paper map for free at the following locations:

  • ICA Rödeby Allivs, Johannesbergsvägen 2, Rödeby
  • ICA Nättran, Havsgårdsvägen 2, Nättraby
  • Tourist office, Dockside if they are open
  • Skärgårdstrafiken, opens in June
  • Dackestugan, Rödeby, Letterbox
  • Bastasjöstugan, Bastasjö, Letterbox
  • Libraries, eg. Stortorget 15, Karlskrona
  • Allaktivitetshuset, Lyckeby
  • Sportkompaniet,Hantverkaregatan 9, Karlskrona
  • Hemköp, Ronnebygatan 34-36
  • Clarion Collection Carlscrona, Skeppbrokajen
  • Dragsö camping, Dragsövägen 14, Karlskrona

Register your checkpoint online

When you have found your first checkpoint, or even before you start, you can register on these web pages. Every checkpoint you register (with the letter-code) on this site, becomes a lottery ticket and you can win prizes. It's valuable for the project that you register, since both we and our sponsors want to know how many checkpoint finders we'll be.

The hittaut "pole"

At almost every checkpoint there is aliminium "hittaut"-pole. It may vary in length due to how easy it is to push it down into the ground or if it is fastened against another object.

On the pole there are hittaut-decals, the checkpoint-number and the code. Note the code (one letter) and register it on the homepage.


Checkpoints in windows

When a checkpoint is placed in a window we have opted to display a printed and laminated A4-paper that looks like this:

Checkpoint fönster

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