In English - how it works

April 24th to October 30th 2021

We have placed a lot of checkpoints all around Katrineholm. The idea is to find the checkpoints with the help of the map and/or GPS. You can use your mobile and and the webmap or the physical map that you get for free. 

We want more people to accept the challenge to move about and discover our breathtaking nature. 

Any questions? Contact us at


On the map there will be in total 100 numbered checkpoints.

Checkpoints with wheel symbol are accessible with bike, pram or wheelchair.

Here you find the map


Every checkpoint you register (with the letter-code) on the homepage, becomes a lottery ticket and you can win prizes. It's valuable for the project that you register, since both we and our sponsors want to know how many checkpoint finders we'll be.

The Hittaut "pole"

At every checkpoint there is a one meter high "hittaut"-pole or a sticker attached to an object, for example a fence pole.

On the pole there are Hittaut-stickers, the checkpoint-number and the code. Note the code (one letter) and register it on the homepage or in our Mobile application "hittaut" (found in App Store or Google Play).


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