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Welcome to the website for Mora! We will do our best to help you understand how to use More information in English will follow soon. Meanwhile you may find Google Translate useful, or at least amusing! :-)

Of course you can use Google Translate also for other languages than English. 

If you have questions, please contact us

We will answer as fast as we can! Good luck and enjoy!

Aims and Objectives

We want people to accept the challenge to move about and discover our nature close to Mora.
The new hittaut map is printed in 20 000 copies and is delivered free to all households in Mora-Orsa and can also be pick up at some stores/companies. See "Här finns kartan".

Hittaut is arranged by the sports association IFK Mora orienteringsklubb.

Hittaut runs from April 17th throughout the summer until October 18th. The purpose is to find checkpoints in Mora and its surroundings. You can take it in your own pace, it can be a slow walk or a challenging trail run.

The location of each checkpoint is marked in the terrain with an aluminum pole. The pole is marked with the hittaut logo, as well as a letter code.

Once you have visited a checkpoint, you can log on to register the letter code you found. Thereby you will have a chance to win prizes.

At our webpage and app some more information is available. Also, the map and up-to-date information for the hittaut participants is found here. Furthermore, an app is available (Google Play/Appstore) in which you can find navigation assistance and also register your checkpoint code on the spot.

More checkpoints every month. The checkpoints marked on the map will be available in nature during the whole period. Also, some new checkpoints will be announced every month.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us at

hittaut - How it works

Ø  On this map there are numbered checkpoints (colored rings). Each checkpoint is marked with a pole.

Ø  You are supposed to visit these checkpoints with the help of the map and/or our app and register the letter code of the checkpoint.

Ø  When you have visited your first checkpoints, log on to our homepage and register yourself and the letter code of each pole. Every checkpoint you register will become a lottery ticket and you may win prizes during the project period, April-October.

Ø  At the end of each month we will present some new additional checkpoints at our homepage.

Very welcome!

The hitta ut "pole"

At every checkpoint there is a one meter high "hittaut"-pole.

On the pole there are Hittaut-decals, the checkpoint-number and the code. Note the letter code and register it on the homepage. There are also reflexes on the pole, so you will be able to find your checkpoint even in the dark.


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