In English - how it works

Starts on April XX and run to the end of October

We have placed checkpoints in the urban forested areas of Uppsala. The idea is to find the checkpoints with the help of the map and/or GPS. You can use your mobile and and the webmap or the physical map, all for free. 


On the map there are XXX numbered checkpoints with color-codes explaining the difficulty.

  • Green = easy

  • Yellow = medium

  • Red = medium to difficult

  • Black = difficult

Some of the checkpoints will only be available later in the project, called "checkpointssläpp = checkpoint release", see below for dates and which checkpoints. 

Checkpoint release dates (for 2020, will be updated for 2021)

  • April 10, pre-release of 6 checkpoints in Ultuna
  • April 16-29, pre-release of one checkpoint per day
  • April 30, checkpoints 1-65 (incl. pre-release)
  • June 1, checkpoints 601-612
  • July 1, checkpoints 701-712
  • August 1, checkpoints 801-812
  • September 1, checkpoints 901-912


You find an updated list of where to find the map here.


When you have found your first checkpoint, or even before you start, you can register here on Every checkpoint you register (with the letter-code) on the homepage, becomes a lottery ticket and you can win prizes. It is valuable for the project that you register, since that increases our chances to find partners so that we in turn can run this amazing project for many years to come!

The hittaut "pole"

At most checkpoint there is a hittaut "pole", sometimes in the ground or, as in the picture below, on a lamp post. Sometimes you will find the code on a piece of paper at the entrance to one of our sponsors.

There are always a Hittaut logo and sometimes also one from our sponsors, the checkpoint-number and a code on the checpoint. Note the code (one letter) and register it on the homepage or in the App (available both for iOS and Android). 

If you have any questions or if you for instance find a checkpoint where it should not be, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Good luck out there!Checkpoint ENG

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